Monday, January 24, 2011

Watts Up?!

Recently we/I have....

*had an absolutely wonderful Christmas I may or may not get around to actually posting about.

*been way intimidated by my Silhouette I got for said Christmas. I'm excited and nervous about using it. Right now I am taking it in baby steps...

*been wishing I had WAY more time to spend on crafts than I do. On top of figuring out my Silhouette, I've fallen in love with Susannah does such an awesome job and I want to make everything she posts!

*hosted a new years party and subsequently become the most hated people in our neighborhood.

*become addicted to the game Angry Birds. Who knew shooting pigs with birds could be so fun???

*fallen even more in love with our newest nephew, Carson. All of them are cute (nieces, too!) but he is the cuddliest!

*joined the gym! Hooray for us! I already have my favorite shiny neon spandex pants guy (he seriously has like a million pairs).

*unpacked our wedding china, over a year later. It now looks awesome in our antique china cabinet. It belonged to my Great Great Grandmother. Pretty cool, huh?

*started recycling. It feels so good to be green! If you don't do it already, you definitely should!

*spent many nights by the fire watching NBA basketball.

*taken a trip to North Carolina during a snowstorm. Not the best idea we ever had...

*seen some jerk wreak his "beast" car after warning him about a huge patch of ice on the road. He was fine, but got charged with felony hit and run (not on our car thankfully).

*had lots of fun with our family, friends and ward family. It has been too fun and we are definitely very blessed!