Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can You Tell???

That I have a toddler on my hands?!  I have virtually disappeared from my blog.  Get it?  Virtually!  Because it's online?  Okay, moving on... Lydia Jane turned one on January 26th and we had a wonderful time celebrating.  She truly is the light or our life! I just wanted to post a few quick stats and highlights before I don't remember them!  She is growing and learning so quickly it is getting hard for me to pinpoint exactly when she learned to do this or that.  It is so much fun!  But on to the stats!
Height: 31in (97%)
Weight: 20lbs 9oz (50%)
Head: 18in (75%)
She can still wear a lot of her nine months clothes but they are starting to get a little short.  The 12 months are long enough but too small in the waist sometimes.  So begins our struggle with clothes fitting the right way!
Things she loves to eat:
Cheese (she literally gobbles it up!)
Any fresh fruit
Green beans (the frozen kind from whole foods, heated with salt.)
Things she loves to say:
 "Uh oh"  "Bye Bye" "Tank yoo" "DaDa" "Pup pup"
We can ask her "What does the pup pup say?" and she responds "woof woof." My mom is very proud to have taught her this.
Since turning one she can now also say:
"ma ma" (yay!) nigh nigh (night night) and will respond with "Meow" when asked what the kitty says.
Things she loves to do:
Dance (to any music she hears: us singing, tv show intros, whatever)
Read(She has started bringing books to us, then turning around and sitting in our lap. She is the cutest!)
Give kisses (she will give a kiss if you ask her and she is in the mood. I LOVE it!)
Ride in her wagon
Take things out of boxes and put them back in
Put her basketball in the goal (and clap for herself afterward)
Wave (like a princess)
Chase mommy and daddy (while laughing hysterically
Eat things off the floor she spots with her eagle eyes (This one may drive me a little nuts.  At least now she is already spitting it out for me when I walk toward her now instead of making me retrieve it from her tightly shut jaws.)
Things she loves to read:
Where is Baby's Belly Button? (10 times a day)
Any of her books that make animal noises
It's Time for Christmas! (A Duck and Goose book, she loves pointing to the duck and goose)
The card she got from my grandparents for her 1st birthday is a new favorite as well
Things she loves to play with:
Cookie jar
all her babies (she got some pretend bottles and a new baby for her birthday and she loves feeding them both to her babies and herself)
Little people princess dolls
Belle baby
picnic basket

We just love this little girl to pieces and are having so much fun watching her learn and grow!