Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Positive Thoughts

I had written a few more posts about my first trimester before the one I posted this morning.  I was ready to write about everything, but just not in a way that was anywhere near positive and I just could not subject the world at large to my unhappy ramblings.  Especially when I am really very happy, just not when I think about my first trimester. :)  So now THAT post is out of the way, I am excited to start talking happy baby thoughts!  Here are just a few anecdotes from pregnancy thus far...

Cory wants my belly to be huge and he wants it to happen yesterday.  That has been his biggest complaint about my pregnancy by far:  "Your belly isn't big enough!"  After I fix my plate, he is constantly adding things to it, which unfortunately I know I won't be able to eat.  I rarely am able to finish a meal these days.  But I suppose it is nice to have a husband so supportive of my "baby fat." haha.

What's in a NAME?
Want to start world war three in our house?? Just ask what we are naming this child.  We can't agree on ANYTHING.  I keep saying we are just going to call him or her "baby" until he or she is old enough to decide what they want to be called.

The baby has several nick names so far, but my boss calls him or her "Precious." I happened to say one day how I think it is crazy that people think just because there is a baby in the same room/store/ect. they have a right to touch it.  Being born in the winter means my baby is going to be hands off for sure.  I am already practicing my evil eye to discourage any well meaning Grannies thinking of touching my baby with their germ filled hands.  Maybe this is a little extreme, but that is how I feel.  Hands off my baby!

It ate my BRAIN
Speaking of nicknames, I most often refer to our little munchkin as "Zombie Baby" because he or she has eaten my brain.  I seriously can't think like I used to.  I feel like such a dummy sometimes and just say "Zombie Baby strikes again!"

I'm feeling FRUITY
My appetite has been really spotty.  A lot of the time it hard to eat anything.  It's not that the food tastes bad, I just can't make myself eat it.  Meat is the worst. I have already said my child may be a vegetarian.  There is one exception to this:  fruit.  For example, today I have eaten 3 plums and will probably eat a 4th before the night is over.  No matter how I'm feeling, I can always eat it and it has been so awesome to have "that thing" I can always eat.

I was going to try and get some fun images for this but yikes. Google image searches are dangerous. Whatever you do, DO NOT google image search "zombie baby." I thought they may have a cute cartoon or something but now I feel totally disturbed. I think a Jane Austen movie may be in order.

The Best Laid Plans...

I had planed to have a very active pregnancy.  I was going to continue doing everything I had done before.  I was going to work out most nights of the week.  I was going to keep up with the house work.  I was definitely NOT going to become a helpless wreck.  Then, at 8 weeks, the day before I was supposed to be going to girls camp, I had a subchorionic bleed.  Which for me, started with a hemorrhage and was extremely scary.  Thankfully, it resolved itself and everything is fine now but until a few weeks ago the list of things I could do was extremely limited.  For me, that was really hard.  I like to be busy and taking care of things; however, I needed to learn to rely on other people sometimes.  Cory basically forced that on me.  Anytime I would try to do the least little thing around the house he would say "What are you doing?!" and steer me back to the couch.  In the beginning, I couldn't leave the house and had to send him to the grocery store alone.  He called me 5 minutes into his trip because he couldn't find anything.  This is funny because we almost always go grocery shopping together. The thing is, I have the list of things we need and he wanders around tossing in all the random things he likes the look of, apparently not paying much attention to where those things are located. :)  Anyway, I can't say I'm happy that I went through that time and I'm definitely glad to have it behind me, but I am grateful for the lessons I learned.  I guess it will come in handy when I have a baby to take care of and all those things that seemed so important before go completely out the window. :)
Some Positive Side Effects from A Not Very Fun Experience:
1.  I had 5 ultrasounds before I was 12 weeks.  I have seen my baby's face, arms, and legs.  I have seen him or her squiggling around.  I watched him or her grow from a little blob to a sort of alien baby.  I have seen his or her heart beating which is the most wonderful sight in the world when you are worried about your baby.  I feel extremely blessed to have been able to have all those experiences.
2.  I know all the best places to find a parking spot in the garage.
3.  I have an awesome relationship with my doctor.  He is seriously the best.  We have been through a lot already and he has never made me feel dumb or like I was over reacting about anything.  In fact, I would say he is the one always pushing to "just check and make sure" everything is fine. I LOVE that!
4.  I have 100% confidence that whatever happens, I'm in good hands with my doctors office, even when MY doctor is on vacation which is what happend with the SCH.  When I had the SCH, I had an ultrasound and was talking to the doctor less than 45 minutes after I called.  They are THAT awesome.
5.  I completely trust the most important men in my life more than ever, my Heavenly Father and my husband.  I know that my Heavenly Fathers hears and answers my prayers and I'm so grateful to have one of those answered prayers beside me every day of this journey.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Worm Wednesday: Kid Edition!

So I have decided this week shall be about some of my favorite children's books.  It seemed only fitting with my pregnancy announcement and I have lots of love for books for children.  I'm going to keep it to just a couple tonight because I could go on forever and this girls needs her sleep!

For the Babies:
Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton
I love anything by Sandra Boynton.  The illustrations are adorable and the stories are so simple and cute.  I really love how her books give parents and their little ones something to connect over.  I try to include one of them in all of my baby shower gifts.

For Someone with the Grumpies:
What Are You so Grumpy About? by Ton Lichtenheld
Everything about this book makes me laugh.  The illustrations are great and there are tons of little funny asides.  For example "Did your brother or sister TOUCH you???" with a picture of a finger touching an arm "enlarged to show full grossness."  Hilarious and guaranteed to solve the grumpies in someone of any age.

Both of these books are in my personal collection and I can't wait to share them with our baby whenever he or she arrives.  Books were such a huge part of my childhood and I can't wait to share that with our little one!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Next Big Project...

We a redecorating one of the spare bedrooms. I don't have a current picture of it, but this is it right before we moved in.  I'm not really sure what that weird spot on there is, but you get the picture.

The reason we are redecorating is that in January it will be home to this little guy or gal!

We are really excited and can't wait to make a space in our home for this little munchkin. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day!

For the weekend of the Fourth, Cory and I drove down to Georgetown Friday after work to stay a few days with my grandparents before our big Thompson family Fourth of July get together.  We had a lot of fun visiting with my grandparents and Cory was great at helping Papa get things done around the river house.  I was mainly there for moral support. :)  I did learn how to "look peas" though. For those who have never lived in the country, it is pretty self explanatory: you have to look over all the peas to make sure there are no worm holes.  If there are, you have to throw them out.  I wasn't bad but from the look on Nana's face when she saw how much I had left after a couple of hours, I'm very slow.  There were still plenty for a very yummy dinner though!  
My parents had to pick up my youngest brother from EFY on Saturday but they came down on Sunday after church.  It was really good to see them and Sunday afternoon Cory, Zach, my Dad and I went downtown to take a walk on the boardwalk.  It was lot of fun.   
We ran into this guy:
 Shoot 'em! 
 My dad and Cory chillin' on the boardwalk.
 Very cool generation totem pole.

On Monday we had our annual get together.  Papa grilled out and we got to visit and play in the river.  So much fun!
 Fabulous RyRy and Ben.  I'm so happy I caught his laughing face. :)
 Kelli and her neice Ava.  She is just precious.
 Vannah is getting pretty good at the "jump and smile"
 Grace too.
 Me and Zach.  This is literally take 10.  He kept making me redo it until he looked "the best." 16 year olds...
 Joe and his baby girls.
 Me and my love. :)
How I convinced him to take this picture, the world may never know.  He hates to smile.

After our fun day at the river we came home and headed out to Sandhills to meet some friends from our ward to watch fireworks and get dinner.  When it started pouring rain an hour before they were due to start, we decided we had had enough and headed home.  I have to say I was little glad because it was SO hot and I was exhausted.  We just enjoyed the firework noises from the comfort of our own home. :)