Sunday, February 20, 2011

Southern Magic

I have come to love books set in the south. One of my absolute favorite authors is Sarah Addison Allen. My mom bought me her first two books for Christmas a couple of years ago and they are wonderful. Her most recent, The Girl Who Chased the Moon, is probably my favorite though. The books are full of small Southern towns, excentric yet loveable characters, handsome southern gentlemen, romantic cooking, and of course a little southern magic. Basically everything that makes a wonderful story. Another plus for cover snobs like me is that hers are absolutely gorgeous!

See? Gorgeous.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Like Lists

It's true. I think that is going to be my default blog method from now on. I keep waiting to have one big thing happen that will link everything we do together, but it just doesn't happen. So my solution is to make lists. Here it goes again.

Recently in the Watts House:

1. I took Cory to the Original Pancake House for part of our Valentines date. He has never been and it is too yummy of a place not to experience. He really liked it and is already talking about going back.

2. I am now a reformed sugarholic. I never thought I would see the day I went without candy, but it has arrived. And you know what? I don’t even miss it that much! I also don’t miss the 15 pounds I’ve lost since cutting it out (even though I did sneak in a Cupcake on Valentines).

3. I have been introduced to The Pioneer Woman. She is awesome. No joke. Cory bought Pioneer Woman Cooks for me for Valentines (yes, I am a girl who can be romanced with books) and I LOVE it. She is so funny and practical and all the recipes look absolutely delicious and have step by step instructions with pictures for every step! I can’t wait to start trying them out and I would definitely recommend it.

4. Subsequently, I am now dying to read The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels—A Love Story.

5. Cory has a work truck. This is a HUGE blessing for us because they pay for his gas and we can finally sell his moody Explorer. He is pretty excited to be driving around in the big snazzy thing too.

6. I have been released from my church calling as a Primary teacher. It is kind of weird, but I had started to feel like I was finished with that calling. Not in a “Wow, I’m so sick of this way” more like that whatever I was supposed to get from that calling had been accomplished. So it was really no surprise when Brother Duncan asked me to be the…

7. Second councilor in the Young Women! I am so excited and nervous about my new calling. The girls are so sweet and I have a ton of adorable little beehives. Luckily I am accustomed to having the largest class from my time in primary. What I have learned so far is how much I have to learn. The other women in the presidency are just so great and I am really looking forward to learning the ropes with them.

8. We have had free weekends. I have missed them so much! It is kind of sad how happy being able to go grocery shopping on a Saturday makes me.

9. I have been trying to temper my novel reading with more serious literature. I didn't go too heavy to start with because I like to read very quickly. I still haven't finished it but the book I chose is Notorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll. I have to say that I have really enjoyed it. Each chapter is about a different royal couple and it goes in chronological order so it connects together even though it is usually switching countries. I have definitely learned a lot.

And there you have it! Our life in a list. :)