Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've got some catching up to do...

I am so far behind with blogging! Little Miss LJ is just much fun I have a hard time getting myself to do things that aren't playing with her! I have sooo many pictures though and she is growing and learning new things so quickly! We think she is just the most amazing baby! We aren't biased or anything. :) Anyway, these are some of my recent favorites.

Ha ha. She is too cute!

Gimme that spoon! I can totally handle this!

I think she looks so adorable sleeping! Or anytime, really. :)

Sitting up all on her own like a big girl!

Chilling with Daddy.

Sunday mornings are my favorite because we don't have church until 11 so we all have a nice cuddle in the mornings.

Her faces when Cory kisses her always make me laugh!

Ready for church!

Working hard to bring in that tooth!!