Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby's First Tailgate

My family had been asking us to come tailgate for a USC game ever since the start of the season. I finally said we would come to the Georgia game not realizing that was conference weekend. We only missed one session but it is still not my favorite. Despite that, we had a really great time!  Lydia Jane was wonderful and let everyone hold her.  It helped that all the ladies had on nice shiny necklaces she loves to play with.  There was fantastic food, of course.  My family made Cory and I both our favorites, my great aunts hot dog chili for Cory and cowboy caviar for me.  It was so thoughtful and yummy! The majority of my family went into the game and we stayed to watch the first quarter in the Coop with my Grandad, great aunt Bob, Nance and Lois.  It was so nice to be able to chat with them all and cheer for the gamecocks during one of the best quarters of football I have seen ever. We left at the end of the first quarter because it was Lydia Jane's bed time and I don't like keeping her out any later than 8:30 if I can help it.  As we were walking out of the Coop lot to our car, I noticed an obviously intoxicated man in his 20's noticing us.  He was looking really hard at Cory, who had Lydia Jane in her Ergo baby carrier (which we LOVE by the way) and said in an amazed voice, "I know I see a baby right now."  Cory just laughed and said "yep."  The guy then starts following us exclaiming "You've got a baby in a papoose!" Again, Cory with the laugh and "yep."  By this time I am mental preparing to stab this guy with my car keys if necessary. I do not trust the inebriated.  Drunk guy then says "You're so cool, man. *pause* People are stupid. *pause* I'm not even half as cool as you guys.  You've got a papoose and hot baby."  I'm sort of flabbergasted by the hot baby remark and drunk guy seems to have gotten distracted by something shiny or remembered what he had been doing before spotting the hot papoose baby and wanders off.  Cory and I keep walking quickly away and after a couple of minutes I ask Cory "Did that just guy just say we have a hot baby?"  to which he replies "I think so. I was trying to figure out how I could quickly get her out of this thing to you and take him down if I had to."  We have reached the parking lot where we parked and being wandering around trying to remember exactly where our car is.  We encounter a police officer who at first thinks we are casing the joint and then sees our baby and offers to help us find the car with his spotlight.  ha!  He stayed with us while we loaded up which I honestly appreciated because I was starting to feel like we were the only "normal" people around.  We made it home in no time and watched the rest of game from the comfort of our couch which I have begun to vastly prefer over out and about with the crazies!

Some pictures from our day:

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