Monday, October 29, 2012


Every Friday Lydia Jane and I go shopping.  I don't always need to buy something but the only way I get to see this adorable sight on Friday's is to strap her in the car seat and go for a drive.  If that drive just happens to take us to Target, what can I do? :)
Before going on a drive, I try pretty much everything to get her to sleep.  We rock, sing, nurse and I even try to lay down with her to sleep.  Nothing doing.  She starts to drift off and then pops up ready to go.  For five minutes.  Then she is back to the yawning, eye rubbing, tired little girl I was trying to put to sleep five minutes before.  It may make me a little crazy.  Top that off with a little, or a lot, of co-sleeping (which seems very nice in theory but my back is beginning to hate me) and I think I have finally had enough.  This "I'll do whatever works as long as she will just sleep" approach ends now.  Mommy is getting tough and sleep training.  Someone has got to take charge here and I just hope it's me! :)

When not refusing to sleep, Lydia Jane is busy being the cutest baby ever as you can see in exhibits A and B. :)
A baby in fake glasses! Oh, the hilarity!

Paci smile!

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LaynahRose said...

Ohh my goodness the paci smile just kills me :) Her name is gorgeous.