Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Official Mom Status

The Bad News
After putting Lydia Jane to bed last night, I realized I had forgotten to feed her dinner.  I nursed her, but she also has a jar of baby food that I did not give her.  Yes, I know.  I'm Mom of the Year.  She woke up at 10 though and happily ate her late dinner.

The Worse News
Because of teething, she has lots of gunk running everywhere: out her nose, on her face, down her throat. It's pretty gross but not as gross as the hacking cough she had when she woke up to eat.

The Worst News  
The coughing continued throughout her nursing and eventually was so bad she threw up.  ALL. OVER. ME. That jar of baby food?  Yep, that was now in my lap.
Mommy is not amused after being covered in throw up...

The Good News
While I was cleaning myself up, Cory told Lydia Jane "Look at your Mommy, she's a real mom now." Yay me!?

The Better News
After the throwing up episode, her cough got a lot better.  We turned on the humidifier, read some books and she was able to nurse and fall asleep without coughing.

The Best News
This sweet girls is feeling much better today and is the cutest sleeper ever!  Also, still completely lovable despite her tendency to spit up\rub snot\throw up ect. on me. :)

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